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How Connecting with the Groundswell Transforms your Company

There are three steps that I find important for transforming your company by using online media marketing rather than the traditional media marketing, such as emails, commercials, etc.

  1. Take small steps that have big impacts.
  2. Have a vision and a plan
  3. Build leaders into the plan.

The best way to describe a transformation is to use the example of the skin care products for the brand Unilever (Dove). Rob Master, the marketing director helped Unilever accept the internet as a marketing tool, give up some control of the brand, embrace the power of the groundswell, and energize the customers to make their own contribution.

Unilever went in slow by creating campaigns for the innovation for Dove’s Real Beauty. Rob and Babs  Rangaiah, Vice President of Global Media for innovation and Ventures at Unilever let go of message control with the show “The Apprentice” with Donald Trump and rethinking distribution with the evolution video. As of today Feb 28, 2014 the female dove evolution video has 17, 122, 924 views and male dove evolution has 294, 429 views. The company now has a different perspective on how to market their brand. The turning point for Unilever’s recognition of the power of online marketing was when they started a website called dovenight.com it brought 3 million visits to the site and the company was able to show it could put digital media at the center of the ad campaign. After the culture change they then wanted to know what the customer wanted rather than just capturing their attention.

My social media marketing instructor showed us a video in class that was inspiring and educational. It gave me more of an understanding of social media marketing and its importance. The video was of Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social media, brand building and e-commerce.

I find Gary Vaynerchuk very interesting and knowledgeable on his experience in social (online) marketing. Here is a video of Gary when he was a keynote speaker at the Elevate NYC conference in 2013. He explains how companies/people need to know where to story tell on the platforms that matter to bring value to the customer. There is a lot of truth in what he says because I know a lot of people stuck in the past of how to market, including myself. I learned how valuable social media marketing is for a company.