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POST Method Strategy

Companies can use this strategy when they are uncertain of where to start when entering into the social networking space because some companies tend to move backwards and start with technology, which leads to the groundswell approach-avoidance syndrome.  This is trying to jump on a speeding merry-go-round (technology) and become dizzy. The POST is a foundation of groundswell thinking and is a framework for helping you plan.  

The POST method involves answering a question in each of the four steps (people, objectives, strategy and technology) to build your groundswell strategy. Once you know the answers you can then start planning.


Social Technographics” will help answer this question. It’s important to evaluate how your customers will engage, based on what they are already doing because some might write reviews rather than joining a social network.


The five objectives are listening, talking, energizing, supporting or embracing. You must ask yourself, which one of the five objectives are you most interested in?  I am interested listening to the groundswell because the opinions of customers matter. Their insights can be used in marketing and developing of a company.


After answering these questions; “Do you want customers to help carry messages to others in your market? Do you want them to become more engaged with your company?” you can start planning for desired change and measure them once a strategy is in place.


Once you made decisions on the people, objectives and strategy part of the method you can move onto choosing the best suited technologies for your company. Meaning: blogs, wikis, social networks and so on.

This POST process can be applied to the business-to-business companies as well because business people are people too. This helps companies engage within people in their company, people such as salespeople, IT professionals etc.

Social media marketing in 3 minutes video will give you a better understanding of how important these steps are. Enjoy!!